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The management of complex projects is a difficult challenge. Whether a project, a program, portfolio of projects, or management at the enterprise level, all initiatives face the challenge of how to be executed efficiently while maintaining the required focus on goals and milestones to ensure schedule adherence, enhanced communications, satisfied stakeholders; and overall acceptable risk.

Without proper project management, an organization may be exposed to unnecessary delays, negative financial impacts, and potential damage to its reputation.

Strategic Planning Strategic planning is a critical activity required for business success. Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy to increase efficiency and effectiveness, minimize risk and maximize success.

We assist your organization to define its vision and then determine systematically how it will get there, understanding the risks and opportunities it will face, and identifying ways to address these to maximize success.

Capture Management The ability to successfully develop a capture plan used during the pre-bid, bid, and post-bid phases of an opportunity is a discriminator for gaining new contracts, new customers and for penetrating new or existing markets.

We assist your organization in ensuring the required project management and risk management approaches are properly planned for and included in the capture plan to significantly increase the likelihood of project success once the opportunity is secured.

Project Management Without effective project management, an organization may be exposed to unnecessary delays, negative financial impacts, and potential damage to its reputation.

We assist your organization in the application of flexible, integrated, and proven project management techniques, aligned with the PMI® framework, that will effectively launch, manage, and execute projects at any level in the organization to contribute towards the organization's business objectives, profitability, and growth.

Project Management Office When dealing with the management of multiple projects, building a project management office ensures that consistent processes and language are used in completing the right projects in less time. Organizations know that executing more projects does not always yield higher returns. The key is to deliver value by having the right mix and number of projects on the go with the proper level of oversight.

We assist organizations in the implementation of business driven value-based project management office solutions that improve the organization's ability to focus on project management excellence, improved productivity, and business outcome management.

Customer Expectation Management Customer expectation management requires organizations to identify and define customer expectations. Once set, organizations need to ensure they meet these; otherwise, they risk customer dissatisfaction and negative customer retention.

We assist organizations in determining customer requirements and the required communications strategy to ensure projects are customer-focused and deliver expected value.

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